Student, artist, rock enthusiast, toe stubber, aspiring writer, spoonie, massive dork and film geek. I like dumb movies, korean food, and grape soda.

I tag personal and text posts "shut up rhia" so blacklist that if you don't wanna see my snark, my angst, or my being a general terrible excuse for a human being. Rad.

If I say I dislike my body, or I don’t think I’m pretty, it’s not ok for you to tell me to “shut up” or that I don’t know what I’m saying. Even if you like my face/body/other.
Don’t try to invalidate my opinion of myself.

1 year ago

Ok so I keep seeing lots of post about how college/uni/school is like being in prison, or being trapped, and how bad it is.
And yeah, I remember High School. It was a fight every step of the way for me. I won’t go into that here, it’s a long, long story, for another day.

I just want to say that if you don’t want to be in higher education, then you don’t have to be. I go to university - and I am damn proud of that fact.

Don’t want to go to College/University? Don’t go!
Want to get a full time job in Starbucks, Pet Smart, or K-mart? Go do it!
Want to open up a business all your own? Go do it!
You want to learn a trade? Go do it!
You don’t want to work at all? Don’t work!
Can’t afford College right now? Go later!
You want to travel the world? Go do it!

Remember to make sure what you’re doing makes you happy!

Take it from me, the world can wait. The world will always wait for you. Because that’s what matters: Who you are.

1 year ago

Oh, you’re an unlicensed breeder who breeds your pets for money? Get a job, and stop creating more unwanted animals.



People need to stop breeding and start loving the animals that are already in the world.

it always makes me angry when people go to breeders when there are thousands of animals needing in kennels etc needing good homes

Speaking as someone who has rescued animals in the past (Including a Dog, two Degus and my current Gecko, Thor)and is buying a puppy from a breeder(a very caring, friendly, breeder who has a job and keeps his animals as pets, as opposed to a farmer-breeder - who you should never source from!) Often, when you live in a more complex situation, or need to have a pet which can behave a certain way(for instance - we need a pet who will behave well around children) it is difficult to find a pet available to adopt who can meet that criteria.
So in our case, we met around ten diffrent dogs through the dogs trust who were suitable in many ways, but not in others - for instance, one who was very good with children and did not shed, could not be left alone for any time in the day. Which means that it needs someone who will or can take it everywhere, or be around all day. In other cases, agression towards other dogs, excessive barking, and an inability to be house-trained have put us off. (Our previous two dogs reached a point where they were incontinent, and we know that that is not something we can deal with again.)
Many households simply don’t have space for the needs that many ‘great older pets’ have, but they are the right house match for a younger dog who can grow up with them. Immoral breeding will always be immoral, but if you don’t buy from these breeders, they will have to change, or stop breeding. Not everyone finds a pet to adopt who is right for them. But I am glad for your healthy view on re-homing and lifelong companionship.

TL;DR: Just because adoption suits you, does not mean it’s the right route for everyone else.

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1 year ago

I hate to say it but if you are going to post shit that is insulting people’s opinions and beliefs, particularly if you are uninformed or ignorant, then you’re an asshole and I will unfollow and block your nasty ass.
Takes one second to think about what you’re typing and to hit backspace, serious.

1 year ago

It really upsets me,

When all of these so-called ‘enlightened’ and ‘open-minded’ people on Tumblr(and elsewhere) saying things like:

"Christians and their bigoted beliefs" 

And I mean, genuinely upsets me. I don’t get mad - I get upset. Because you’re doing exactly what you hate - generalising people under a blanket term. So maybe some Christians(or so they like to be called) do have horrendous opinions. We don’t all think like that. 
Most of us are focused on spreading the love that we are taught to have for humanity, instead of spreading hate. So, maybe it’s not the Christians who are ‘bigoted’ and wrong, huh? 

2 years ago

Thanks for lumping us all together.

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2 years ago
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